About Us

At College Gym Tracker, our mission is to simplify the job of facility managers & gym directors; all while making running the gym easier for staff & getting to the gym a breeze for patrons. We’ve been able to provide these solutions through our simple & easy-to-use suite of applications designed for you and your patrons.

| Saving time for college gym patrons

In its earliest version, College Gym Tracker was a simple data collection device that tracked the attendance in the gym facilities across campus. Patrons could then use the data to decide when and where it was best to work out.

| Simplifying university fitness facility management

With the addition of CGT, we are now able to offer a suite of two applications: one for facility directors and staff, & one for their patrons.
As a bundle, both apps function to make all of the experiences that a person has a University’s gyms more positive:

  1. College Gym Tracker works to make the difficult job of facility directors more manageable by collecting invaluable data.

  2. myFacility Custom App works to make the experience of going to the gym easier for patrons as they avoid wait lines and stay in touch with the facilities happenings.

*For more information on both applications, see our pricing page.

| College Gym Tracker is much more than data collection

Seeing out product through the eyes of our customer early on, helped us realize that CGT is an extremely powerful tool for Gym Managers/Directors:

Having the ability to collect invaluable accurate data for facilities, allows gym directors to make a much more effective requests for funding and resources. With CGT, take the “why?” out of the equation, & back your requests with the data to prove its a necessity.

College Gym Tracker also allows managers to more accurately understand when and how their staff needs to be scheduled to keep the gym running during both the peak hours and the lulls.

| Decrease your facility's wait times

Developed by facility patrons for facility patrons, our custom mobile application is the “all-in-one” solution to gym clients’ woes.
By reading the data collated by CGT in easy to interpret graphs, patrons can avoid wait lines and spend more time at the gym actually exercising.

“Resolve the pain of waiting in line while boosting your brand’s credibility and value by providing your patrons with an app built just for them…they’ll love you for it” – Patrick Ryan, Founder

| Move forward; start tracking today

In order to get started, please fill out the form located on our home page or contact us. Our founder, Patrick, will schedule a conversation with you so that we can get to better know your needs.